January 11-15th – LA Art Show (event) – Red Truck Gallery booth

February 18th – “Welcome to NJ” (group show) – Jonathan Levine Gallery, Jersey City, NJ

March 2017 – “Cat Art Show” (group show) – Los Angeles, CA

April 1st – “A Natural History Imaginarium” (solo show) Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA

April 7th – “5 Year Anniversary Show” (group show) Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia PA

May 5th – “Imaginary Menagerie, Vol. 5.” (group show) Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia PA

June 9-11 – Illustration Workshop with Mab Graves – La Galería Roja, Seville, Spain

June 23rd – “Mattel: The Joys of Toys” (group show) – Mattel & Gallery 1988 – Los Angeles, CA

August 4th – Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art (group show) – Indianapolis, IN

November 4th – “The Children of the Nephilim” (solo show) – Monster Gallery, Indianapolis, IN

December 2017 – Miami Basel Scope (event) – Miami, FL


March 2018 – “Cat Art Show” (group show) BeinArt Gallery, Melbourne, Australia



January 9th – “2nd Annual DTA Dunny Show” (group show) – Clutter Gallery – Beacon, NY

January 29th –  “Graphite Show” (group show) – Plastic Murs – Valencia, Spain

April 1st,  – “Atomic Candy Cosmonauts” (solo show) – Arch Enemy Arts – Philadelphia, PA

April 16th, -“Hello Kitty & 99 Friends” (group show) – PIQ Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

April 30th – “Arcana” (group show)  – Red Truck Gallery, New Orleans, LA

May 14th – “Stitch Wars” (group show) – Bear and Bird Gallery, Lauderhill, FL

May 14th – “Bear in Mind” (group show) – Clutter Gallery – Beacon, NY

May 28th – Three Girl Show – Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

June 4th – “PostcArt Show” (group show) – Avantgarde Tattoo and Art Gallery, Milano, Italy

June 25th – “La Lune” (group show) – Haven Gallery, Long Island, NY

July 29-30th – “Mercado los Olvidados” (event) – PSKaufman, Los Angeles, CA

September 17th – “Femme to Femme Fatale” (group show) – Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco, CA

September 23rd – “Crime on Canvas” (group show) – Life Is Beautiful, Las Vegas, NV

November 19th & 20th – DesignerCon (event) – Pasedena, CA

November 19th – “Miniatures Show” (group show) – Flower Pepper Gallery, Pasedena, CA